Sunday: 9:30am

Wednesday: 6:00pm


Welcome to North Gwinnett Church online!  We are so glad you found us!  In the digital age of online-everything, you can certainly discover who we are from the comfort of your keyboard.  But we hope you'll take that one extra step to come visit us face-to-face.  You'll find a friendly, welcoming, come-as-you-are atmosphere topped off with just a touch of Southern Hospitality.



We love new people!  Before you even arrive, you can explore our website around a bit to hopefully get a feel of who we are.  Then come and prepare to shake a few hands...sorry, that's just what we do! 

Parents, we have a check-in system for all our kids ages Pre-K - 5th.  We do this for security reasons too.  If you'll take just a moment to register your child for security.

What to wear

Do you have clothes?  Wear those!  We understand that to new visitors visiting church, there might be some pressure to adhere to a certain dress code.  Well, we DO have a dress code...please come dressed!  Come as you are, we're not concerned with how people dress

What to expect

Worship.  We do love to sing, and our song selection ranges from newer contemporary, perhaps a little heavier song, country-ish types, all the way down to old fashioned hymns.   But our style is not our focus, the hearts of the people singing is our focus

Teaching.  There are certainly many different styles of pastors, and at NGC, you'll find that Pastor Carey maintains a teaching type preaching style, almost like you were sitting in your own living room having a conversation.

Kids.  All kids ages K-5th join us in the sanctuary for worship.  Afterwords, they're dismissed to their own Children's Church, with activities and lessons that are more geared towards their age. Children ages Newborn - PreK meet in their rooms the entire time.