Small Groups meet at 10AM on Sundays.  Join our Men's group, Women's group, or our Couples' group.  See a greeter to be led to the classrooms.  


Sunday, Sept. 9th

Come hear an incredible story of faith, struggle, pain, and heartache as Pastor Carey has a special, poignant conversation with Lonnie and Margaret Oliver, part of the North family, about the loss of their adult daughter just a few years ago. 

In this series we have been studying the story of Joseph in the Old Testament and all of his difficult detours that led him to God’s ultimate destiny for his life.  On Sunday, we will see how Lonnie and Margaret’s tough and painful detour in life still allows them to have hope even in the worst of circumstances. In a world where faith is fading and integrity is rare, the story of Lonnie and Margaret shines like a brilliant star in the nighttime sky.  

This will be a great Sunday to bring a friend who needs to hear hope in the tragedies of life. Bring a friend!


See the Holy Land

We have an amazing opportunity to walk in the same places that Jesus walked and see many of the sites we read about in the Bible!  See Pastor Carey for a flyer and to get information.  The trip will be June 4-11, 2019.