Every ministry is special and unique at NGC, but Children's Ministry holds a special place in our hearts.  Maybe it's because we're parents too.  EVERY person involved with our children is a parent also, and most volunteers have kids directly in the ministry they serve.  We all want to see our kids grow to know Jesus as if they were all our very own, and we work hard to that end.  This one thing you can be sure of, we won't land a helicopter for just ANY ministry.




Explore the Bible: Kids is a brand-new, book-by-book study for kids that takes them on a journey into Scripture where they'll see the Bible in a way that will make them want to dig deep - building a foundation for life transformation. The curriculum uses object-based learning to help kids dig deep! Check out how the ark stacks up to other famous ships. Experience the gigantic size of Goliath compared to...your own dad! Kids explore the people, places, and objects of the Bible in historical context and compare them to modern-day life. With Explore the Bible, kids aren't just learning the Bible; they are experiencing it! Explore the Bible is open for kids ages K-5th.

Click here to watch an excellent video introduction to Explore the Bible: Kids.

We are well into the curriculum, but the greatest part is that kids don't have to "catch up" in order to understand each week's lessons. So please come and be a part of it!

Videos of a few kid events!




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Awana reaches kids for Christ through fun, Scripture-rich experiences that lead them to know, love and serve Him.

Kids represent the greatest opportunity to make a long-term impact on our world for Christ. Offered through local churches, community groups and homes, Awana reaches kids where they’re at and walks alongside them in their faith journey. Those kids who come to faith at an early age discover God’s purpose for their lives and hope for the future. Ministry leaders and parents witness the profound impact Awana has in reaching kids with the gospel and watching them grow as long-term disciples. That’s why so many families and leaders have returned year after year, week after week, for more than three generations.

Upward Sports

Basketball and Cheerleading

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