Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours?  Class times are 9AM-12 noon.  Drop-off for preschool classes starts at 8:30, while drop-off for the Mother's Morning Out program begins at 8:45.  Pick-up is 12-12:15PM for both programs.  

Are there full-day or extended-day options?  Not currently.  

Is lunch served?  No, we don't serve lunch since our classes end at noon.  We do serve a snack daily at 10AM.

Do parents send snacks daily?  No, we ask parents to donate specific snack items on a rotating schedule.  We only ask for certain items within our "safe snack list" that follows specific allergy guidelines for our students.  

What is the allergy policy?  In our Kids' Zone hallway and classrooms, we don't allow any food or drink items that include peanuts, tree nuts, milk/dairy, or eggs in the ingredients.  

What items do parents send daily?  We ask parents to send each child with a bag including diapers/pull-ups, wipes, a change of clothes appropriate for the weather, and a water bottle or sippy cup for water.  Please label bags and bottles/cups with your child's name.

What is the main difference between MMO and preschool?  MMO students only attend 1-2 days per week, while preschool students attend 5 days per week.  MMO is geared toward younger children who need to learn to socialize with peers and be with people other than their immediate family members.  MMO is structured more freely, with more free play times centered around the children's attention spans.  Preschool classes, on the other hand, follow a curriculum and a more defined daily schedule.  

What curriculum is used in the preschool?  We buy yearly licenses to use the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum.  It is a play-based curriculum which prepares children for school in a fun way.  Our teachers also supplement the curriculum with games, crafts, and other activities.

What "special" activities do students have?  Currently, we have weekly music and chapel lessons for our preschool classes. Our Pre-K (4 & 5 year olds) class also has a weekly science lesson.  We also plan several days throughout the year when parents or other family members are invited to attend for special occasions.